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Future of Finance was carried out in close cooperation with Spar Nord, and was held at their HQ in Aalborg. We engaged relevant partners as Sales Force and Fidor Bank. Those partners were engaged to secure the right input within the field of future of finance, and in order to have a strong mentor team and jury to judge the concepts.



So the focus was on finance. Why? Because in the next decade, successful financial institutions will be the ones who are able to disrupt and redefine their concepts for the digital age. In order to follow the speed of innovation, the hack was carried out to show how a bank as Spar Nord could be the tech-platform for startups to choose, when it comes to a banking license in order to build finance applications upon.



So 80 hackers and finance experts were gathered over the weekend (March 2016) in one venue in Aalborg. Great participants came from all over Europe. Highly skilled mentors and jury members were engaged at the Hackahton and around 12 finance concepts were conceptualized and developed during the weekend. The concepts ranged from intelligent saving applications to a digital reinterpretation of the piggy bank.


You can read more about the Hackathon here: https://www.sparnord.dk/media/1147075/Tilbageblik-Future-of-Finance.pdf


You can also watch the videos available from the Future of Finance Hackathon:

Day 1:

Day 2: 

Day 3: