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Future of Advertising was carried out in close cooperation with envision, and was held at their HQ in Aarhus, Aarhus. We engaged relevant partners as Web2Media, Huset Markedsføring, Dansk Erhverv and IBM Bluemix. Those partners were engaged to secure the right input within the field of advertising, and also in order to put together a strong mentor-team and jury.



The Hackathon had strong focus on advertising, and why is that? Because the rules of the game in advertising are changing. The future of advertising will require customized strategic solutions that integrate creativity, consumer insights and technology. It will require a certain mindset of the industry to do so. A certain way of thinking, and it is a culture that needs to be built. So the future of advertising wanted to emphasize this, and get the people to think outside the box.



So 80 hackers and advertising experts were gathered over the weekend (October 2015) in one venue in Aarhus. Great participants, mentors and jury members were engaged at the Hackahton and around 12 advertising concepts were conceptualized and developed during the weekend. We had relevant tech-talks, and the concepts ranged from intelligent event applications making use of big data and personality insights to intelligent ad-placement for the gaming industry.


You can also watch a small video from the Hackathon here: