Future Hacks is a series of Hackathons that focuses on building the future in different industries, as for example food, finance, advertising, data, energy etc.

To engage the best coders, designers, business people and creative minds who wants to build the future of awesome stuff.

As a participant you will get 54 hours to hack and build future concepts by using new technologies helped by industry insights and great mentors.
Yes, it is a competition but it is also a place to:

  • Meet a lot of interesting people
  • Experiment
  • Think outside the box and try to combine new disruptive ideas and concepts
  • Get valuable insights and important connections
  • Learn new stuff
  • Design and build from scratch
  • Have fun!

You can join hackathons either as an established team or as an individual who wants to join a team.


Who are we?

Future Hacks is a concept developed by Happy42. We are a highly motivated and passionate team. Combined we have have more than 20 years of experience working with innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity. We are a strong team of people with diverse interests, backgrounds and skills and work hard to maintain a happy and open environment where challenge is not only welcomed but expected. Learn more about us at www.happy42.dk

The innovative mindset and culture in your organization will help you stay ahead of your competition, and that is what Future Hacks aim to push forward.

Linda M. Pedersen, "Future Hacks"

People want to do business with thought-provoking innovative minds, who are able to think differently. That mindset is what Future Hacks want to grow in organisations.

Lasse Chor, "Future Hacks"

Today, we need innovators more than any time before, and when we are hosting these Future Hacks – you really feel the vibes, that this is where magic will happen.

Lea N. Kruse, "Future Hacks"

Why do we do this?

To follow the speed of innovation we believe that we have to work with partners, startups and disrupters. In order to prepare for the future we need to execute on the ideas instead of just talk about them. We can learn from each other and together we are able to build the best ideas. By partnering with savvy people and opening up for development, we believe we can meet the customers’ needs together.


Below we have gathered some of the most common Future Hacks questions

Hardcore facts about hackathons

– Intense 54 hours event
– Gathering 60-100 people with various backgrounds
– With the purpose of forming awesome teams
– And to get from idea to prototype
– Round off with pitching for the final jury in the end

Who can attend the hackathons?

All creative, design, coders, business and tech profiles are welcome — maybe you are specialized in branding, experience economy, product design, UX or you are a hardcore programmer. The door is wide open, come in!

What are the rules for the Hackathon?

We start building concepts at the same time to keep it fair. You need to build from scratch, so you cannot bring your pre-build campaigns.
It’s a criterion that you need to demo what you’ve created at the final day. It’s a 3 minutes presentation and 3 minutes Q&A from the judges.
No one owns the ideas being presented at day 3, but see it as your unique opportunity to establish the right alliances.
Further rules, guidelines, and specific details will be covered on the first day.

What are the judging criteria?

Level of Innovation
…and beyond